Clinic Features

* It is well-equipped with a modern Dental Chair and motion sensor controlled light

* All X rays made by Radio-Visio Graphy (RVG) for instant computer imaging and low radiation exposure

* AERB certified X Ray machine used for low radiation exposure

* Lead Apron and Thyroid collars used for patients On Demand to radiation exposure

* Only Prior Appointment based Consultations

Highest Levels of hygiene

Separate room for cleaning and sterilization of instruments

Sterlization by Class B AutoClave

Instruments of all patients are individually packed and sterilized to prevent cross-contamination

Surgeries with minimal pain

Diode Laser for bloodless, quick healing sutureless surgeries

Endomotor for painless Root Canal Treatment

Implant Surgical Motor for Implant Surgeries

Peizo-Surgical Unit for special Surgeries like Sinus Lift, Ridge Split, Bone Grafting, Ridge preservation procedures

Vital Parameter baseline checked with Blood Pressure Monitor, GlucoMeter and Pulse Oximeter for relevant cases.

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