Surgical removal of impacted teeth, Including wisdom, canine, malposed teeth.

Jaw cyst enucleation (removal of cystic cavity in jawbone)

Apicoectomy (post root canal debridement and root tip sealing with retrograde filling)

Teeth and jaw fracture due to trauma, treatment with arch wires, fibre glass, closed reduction and open reduction with plating.

Oral cancer detection and biopsy : Diagnosis of precancerous condition and incisional and excision biopsy for small lesions.

Oral submucous fibrosis SMF : A precancerous condition with Areca nut and pan Masala chewing resulting in chronic mouth opening difficulty.

Soft tissue tumours of lip, cheek like lipoma, fibroma, mucocoele.

Gummy smile surgical treatment (crown lengthening procedure)

Dental implants (titanium restoration to replicate a lost tooth that restores esthetics and function ) and adjunct procedure like Maxillary sinus elevation (add bone graft in case of deficits due to sinus invagination)
Ridge split (procedure to widen the remaining bone for optimal implant placement), guided bone regeneration and grafting.

Temporomandibular (jaw) joint pain and dysfunction.

Frenectomy (excess or high muscle attachment of tongue or lip on the bone is removed to improve function and esthetics and to prevent gum recession and bone loss.)