3 Shape Scanner

* Optical impressions reduce patient discomfort, as time-efficient and simplify clinical procedures.

* Plaster models have been replaced by 3D models, allowing better communication with the dental technician and with patients.

* The 3shape trios is sufficiently accurate for capturing impressions for fabricating a whole series of prosthetic restorations on both natural teeth and implants.

* They can be used for smile design.

* The scanner can be integrated in implant dentistry for guided surgery and in orthodontics for fabricating aligners and custom-made devices.

Carl Zeiss Microscope

Microscopic dentistry is for everyone who understands the importance of working with care and precision and for those who demand the best for their health.

The main benefits are:

* Accurate diagnosis
* Better safety during surgery
* Unmatched presicion in root canal therapy
* Improved treatment success rate
* Greater precision in drilling only the affected part of your tooth